FOUS DE LA MER - Musiques Pour Films

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Fous De La Mer are back with their latest album 'Musiques Pour Films'. And as the title hints the German-French electronic duo captures the full spectrum of their capabilities onto the acoustic canvas. Music that produces images, as the musicians describe their sound that is inspired appropiately by movie titles. Films that caused unforgettable moments and that have accompanied the band over the years.

'Musiques Pour Film' begins with a tribute to David Bowie, who played the leading role in 'The man who fell to earth'. With 'For The Man Who Fell To Earth' there could hardly be found a more beautiful opener, which marks their personal farewell to the exceptional artist after his unexpected death.

But the ones expecting a pure listening album are proven wrong quickly. Downbeat and breakbeats ('Sur L'Ile Mysterieuse') meet disco and IDM vibes ('On A Ship Of Fools'), Ambient and Chillout moods ('En Plein Soleil' & 'A La Piscine') get connected with electropop ('La Nouvelle Vague').

Fous De La Mer draw on a rich pool of different varieties of electronic music. For their album the two musicians merge the styles of electronica with acoustic elements. A combination that is convincing since the mixture of a keyboardist and a bassist has proven to give exceptional results for a long time as you can see in bands for the likes of 'Air'.

With 'Musiques Pour Films' the Duo goes a further step on their way in breaking musical boundaries. Rarely an album was so diverse and yet so coherent. Listening to the album creates a feeling as one looks back at the many wonderful moments of the collected cinematographic works that Fous De La Mer reminisce for us. Like good old friends they appear as songs and let us immerse in the worlds of their models.

With 'Endless Summer' the two conclude the album while delivering the perfect happy ending for all lost hippie hearts that like us look towards the sunset on the beach.

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1. For The Man Who Fell To Earth
2. Sur L'Ile Mysterieuse
3. On A Ship Of Fools
4. En Plein Soleil
5. La Nouvelle Vague
6. A La Piscine
7. Sous Le Grande Bleu
8. Les Amants
9. The Letter
10. Avec Pierrot Le Fou
11. La Femme Des Sables
12. An Easy Rider
13. Un Homme Et Une Femme
14. The Endless Summer