SCHEMATIC TOOLS - Desensibilisierungs EP

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PV Records once again proves itself as an outstanding distributor of high quality DJ wares. 'Schematic Tools', the name almost suggesting it, are original DJ tools for all the die hard techno lovers out there, all of which will guarantee a rough ride to any crowd on the dancefloor. The four tracks on the 'Desensibilisierungs EP' revive sweet memories of great techno works like Jeff Mills/Purpose Maker, yet the 'Schematic Tools' provide their very own flavour. In any case 'Ohrsturz', 'KŸnstliche Resorption', 'Kaltschweiss' and 'Technoide Lebensform' are not for sensitive natures Š real ravers wanted!

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A1 Ohrsturz
A2 KŸnstliche Resorption
B1 Kaltschweiss
B2 Technoide Lebensform

written and produced by M. Harzdorf and K. Michalopoulos, Mixed by K. Michalopoulos and Timo Remus, copyright control