VITRIOL - Runaway Girl

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Wohoo! Stop press, the news are coming. With GemTrax, the long awaited Hit-Outlet of the GEM Family finally surfaces to light. And already the first release of this new sublabel puts the level of expectation high up in the sky. Our friend Giuseppe Cottone aka Vitriol delivers a real smash hit which is bound to set the future course of this young label. 'Runaway Girl' is an outstanding hymn, somewhere inbetween synthie pop techno (Single Cut/Extended Version) and convincing old-school trance (Penicillin Remix). And of course, this material simply deserves to be remixed by more talent immediately. Especially impressing is the way Sniper Mode manages to break the best moments of Single Cut and Extended Version down to sweetest elektropop format without losing a hint of the original hit quality. Respect is due for Resistance D. as well, who are presenting themselves with a highly energetic techno rework of 'Runaway Girl'. For GemTrax, there couldn't have been a better way to start into the future.

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