TNT - Incidents

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The third release of Garry Trace and Mike Tales in the area of Pascal FEOS now is being published on Planet Vision. Yet, the usage of their new pseudonym TnT doesn't chance a thing about what we can expect from the dynamic duo Trace'n'Tales. As already witnessed on their recent PV - Records output, 'Incidents' contains two straight-forward and pumping techno tunes, satisfaction guaranteed. In every single sound of this super-tight production, you can clearly hear the quality of TnT. Especially the title track 'Incidents' mananges to manifest their very own style in excellent, minimal rhythms and the weightless backspin business already is some kind of trademark by Mr. Trace and Mr. Tales. Altogether, another convincing performance.

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A Incidents
B Der Zyklus

Written and produced by Garry Trace and Mike Tales