SEBBO - Gottesweg 56

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Planet Vision presents the new 12inch by DJ SEBBO, who is resident DJ in Wuerzburg's cultclub 'Airport'. For this release he teamed up with his friend and partner Mike van der Viven aka Celvin Rotane in his cologne studios. Still, the titles of the tracks 'Kšln' and 'Wźrzburg' as well as the maintitle gottesweg (godÔs way) refer to a different and less amusing experience, which he is transposing into this release. On the way back to Wuerzburg from one of his sets in cologne, he had a very serious car accident and had to recover for a pretty long time. Now returns with this progressive Technosmasher...

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1 Wuerzburg
2 Koeln

Written and produced by DJ Sebbo and Mike van der Viven