QUANTEC - Adventures In A High Tech Dream

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Having made himself a name and having created his trademark sound with his acclaimed releases on labels like 'Meanwhile', 'Styrax', 'Millions of Moments' and 'Echochord', Sven SchienhammerÍs 'Quantec' outfit is legitimately dropped in the same breath with dub tech icons like 'Basic Channel', 'Moritz von Oswald', 'Maurizio' or 'Deep Chord'.
Following his deep and funky remix for 'Subsonic Park feat. Eddy Pirax', 'Quantec' now delivers his first release on Elux Records with his amazingly fresh and pumping 'Adventures In A High Tech Dream' EP, which feat. 4 fat dub tech tunes on vinyl and 2 more deep and dubby bonustracks for download.

Commenting on his release on Elux Records, Sven admits 'as I was 16 years old, I always watched 'Space Night' on German tv channel 'br tv' to chill and come down. The music has not only influenced and sensibilized me, but above all extremely impressed me. So IÍm very proud, that now, 15 years later IÍm releasing a 12inch and later on this year a full length album on Elux Records. ItÍs like Christmas, Birthday and beeing freshly in love at the same time and even more... Unbelievable but true. IÍm very grateful. If I had known then already...)'

For sure, this EP is another highlight in Sven's impressive list of classics and besides sets high expectations in his upcoming album which is sceduled for later this year.

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A1. Adventures In A High Tech Dream
A2. Encryption Algorithm
B1. Keen Thinker
B2. Never Felt So Good Inside