SUBSONIC PARK - Inner City Codes

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No doubt, Elektrolux has been considerably influencing the development of electronic music for the last fifteen years. By Subsonic Park, a brand new project by Subsonic Park both are moving on entirely new ground. 'Inner City Codes', however, ist not just a very special bridging between the past, the present and the future of electronic music. It also brings about a synergy between experimental electronic music and current club sounds never heard before. Thus, 'Inner City Codes' is to be understood as an interface between the repetitive sound patterns of urban club culture, the deepness of dub, modern technology, architecture and design.The origins of the Subsonic Park project date back about years ago. In the context of Sven Vaeths regular gigs at the UK cult cub Orbit, Leeds, Azary and Le Mar were Djing on the second dancefloor. 'At our gigs, Alex used to be at the turntables and I played with my synthies and samplers in real-time. This way, our shoes were always a mixture of DJ performance and live act. Now, this special mix of club music and experimental electronic music also characterizes the productions by Subsonic Park as far as tempo, deepness, syncopic chords and dub sequences are concerned ... powerful tracks without bass kicks.' Against this background, Azary and Le Mar developed the basic idea of Subsonic Park: 'Deep ambient dub tech without ostensible bass drum, but, nevertheless, full of energy. With a modern sound framework, but aesthetically referring to the Aural Float productions Elektrolux started with in 1995. By Subsonic Park, we deliberately wanted to step on a new ground, a mutual insemination of club culture and home listening. Fortunately, there is a clear trend towards a new definition of electronic dub at the moment when thinking of labels like Styrax or Deepchord. Moreover, Subsonic Park is a tribute of Gabriel and me to our musical roots: Of course the Basic Channel series, Luke Slaters 7th Plain releases as well as the experimental Detroit Techno tracks, to Carl Craig's early productions on Retroactive up to various Underground Resistance releases just to name a few examples.' This way, tracks like 'After Dark', 'Inner City Codes' or 'Rain Machine', bring about a new vision of club music which transports a literally vibrating motor activity also without ominipresent bass kicks. Azary and Le Mar call it 'Peaktime-Chill'. Parallel with the CD release, there will be a maxi release with several remix versions as well.

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1. Bionic Garden
2. Red Shift
3. After Dark
4. Inner City Codes (Beatless)
5. Second Skin (Beatless)
6. Rain Machine
7. X-ident
8. First Cause
9. Refloat (Beatless)
10. Signs of Life


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