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With 'Sakura' Tomio Tremmel now presents the long-awaited third album of the infamous Sushi Club. After the incredible success of the two previous longplayers, 'Neo Nashimi' and 'Sushidelic', The Sushi Club continues on its extra-ordinary evolution. 'Sakura' is the kind of album that shows true artistic maturity and greatness in every single second of its playing time. Charming melodies full of asian melancholy seem to transfer Nippon culture into music, just to mix it up with dubby grooves and dreamy-romantic vocals. It is remarkable how Tomio Tremmel manages to give all of the twelve tracks on this album a profound inter-connection: with an overwhelming sensitivity, some musical elements show up very short and decoratively on one track while the same elements are important essentials for other tracks. In 'Tsuki' this is underlined by the fascinating voice of Kaori Kaneko who allows the two tracks to become the incredibly moving songs that they are. For Tomio Tremmel there is one song of very special emotional value: For 'Kyoshu' the mother of the producer went into the booth to interpretate an old Japanese folk wisdom in a new way. 'Sakura' is an altogether outstandingly great album and we are very curious to see it get visual on the soon to be released Sushi Club DVD!

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1. Yugata
2. Koya Pt. 1
3. Koya Pt. 2
4. Shiosai
5. Tsuki Pt. 1
6. Tsuki Pt. 2
7. Hamaguri
8. Mujo
9. Sakura
10. Tokai
11. Kyoshu
12. Asa

Written and produced by Tomio Tremmel, except tracks 5, 6 written by Tomio Tremmel and Toby Izui. Track 9 written by Tomio Tremmel and Christine Klaar , Track 10 written by Tomio Tremmel and Martin Block, vocals on tracks 1, 5, 6, 8 by Kaori Kaneko, vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 9 by Christine Klaar, vocals on track 11 by Sueko Warashina, guitar on tracks 10, 11 by Lukas Frontzek. Published by Edition Killerloop, ICM/Hanseatic


THE SUSHI CLUB - Neo Sashimi
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THE SUSHI CLUB - Sushidelic
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