D.DIGGLER - Foreword

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Woahoo! D. Diggler in full effect! ThatŐs the way we like it: one record, two tracks, triple madness. With D. Diggler another high profiler enters the sacred circles of Planet Vision producers. The label has always been looked at as a blueprint for the latest DJ sound and therefore has kept recruiting the most innvative heads around. Of course, D. Diggler takes opportunity of the chance to show how hard he can rock: tough beats, driving hi-hats and the majestic atmosphere of 'Foreword' make this release an absolute must-have. With the hypnotic flipside 'A Bit Of History' on it's back, this new Planet Vision release has made itŐs way directly to the very best spots in many recordshelves. And that is exactly where it belongs!

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A. Foreword
B. Bit Of History

written & produced by D.Diggler
Published by Madnet, Tootone, BMG Ufa