THE SUSHI CLUB - Tokyo Nights

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With `Tokyo Night`, Tomio Tremmel now presents the first DVD of the immortal `Sushi Club`. After the great success of his previous long players `Neo Nashimi`, `Sushidelic` and `Sakura`, the outstanding development of `The Sushi Club` is continued. Now, the DVD with the productions of `The Sushi Club` with several selected tracks from the `Sakura` album is available. Tomio Tremmel has been producing his own videos for six years. About two years ago, he started with DVD productions. The Dolby Digital Mix has been made by Stefan Fornaro, one of the most exceptionally gifted surround mixers in Germany. Infatuating melodies full of Asian pensiveness transform Japanese culture into music and blend it with dubby grooves and dreamy-romantic vocals. To Tomio Tremmel, one song of `Sakura` is of a special emotional value: for `Kyoshu`, the mother of the producer herself did the vocals, interpreting a Japanese folk tune a new way. The video of this track shows almost stereotype pictures of Japan. However, these pictures have a calming effect, giving the recipient inner peace of mind. Light effects in the forests of Japan and traditionally dressed Japanese women take the recipient on virtual journey to Nippon. Likewise, in `Shiosai` the modern side of Japan with its cities, lights and the people in the Streets is shown without changing the balanced mood of the DVD. A beautiful journey across Japan. The videos of `Sakura`, `Tamashi` & `Sakura` are produced by Carsten Eder, the videos of `Sushidelic Phonk`,`Ichi Ban` by Joscha Monz. The video `Tokai` has been cut by Carsten Eder and filmed by Naoki Kenji.


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1. Yugata
2. Koya Pt.1 & Pt.2
3. Shiosai
4. Tsuki
5. Hamaguri
6. Kyoshu

1. Tamashi
2. Ichiban
3. Sakura
4. Sushidlic Phonk

Making of Sakura Video

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