PASCAL F.E.O.S. - From The Essence Of Minimalistic Sound

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With his first solo album From The Essence Of Minimalistic Sound released in late 1999, Frankfurt/Germany based producer and DJ Pascal F.E.O.S. has created a true classic of Minimal Techno. The album appeared on his own independent PV label and sold more than 20 000 copies, gaining press reviews, radio airplay and massive DJ response all over the world. It was especially well acclaimed in the UK, Spain and Germany, scoring in several album-of-the-year charts of music magazines. After tracks like 'I Can Feel That', 'Are U Tranquilized' or 'Overflow' proved to be club smashes and propelled the album's international success, Pascal released an equally successful string of 12inches with remixes by top artists like Thomas Schumacher, Atty Mezcal, WJH, Brother's Yard, Chris Liebing, Molecular, Ricardo Villalobos, Timo Maas, Gabriel Le Mar, Paul Brtschitsch and Leandro Gamez.

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1 Eat the Drums
2 I can feel that
3 Overflow
4 Reactivate the Unexpect
5 Technique
6 TAG - Version
7 G.P.L.
8 Are U tranquilized
9 Supernatural
10 Northern Lights (Iceland Cut)
11 Sexy as hell
12 Km 5

All tracks written and produced by Pascal F.E.O.S.


PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Subsonic Progression
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Remixed
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. AND P. DUNDOV - Sidechained
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Overflow2/Remixes
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Overflow1/Remixes
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Are U Tranquilized? Remixes
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - I Can Feel That (Remixes)
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Space Frame E.P.
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Straight Ahead/Remixe
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PASCAL F.E.O.S. - Straight Ahead
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