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Within a short period of time and a handful of outstanding releases Liquid Lounge has already established itself as a quality electronic listening label. Zoomin' feat. Fay Sephirah is an exciting new project, that perfectly reflects the innovative approach of the Liquid Lounge label and life style. Paul Schulte, the musical mastermind behind Zoomin', definitely needs no introduction. With countless genre-defying releases under his belt the former member of legendary techno supergroup Earth Nation is no stranger to the global electronic music scene. Together with highly talented singer Fay Sephirah he now comes up with a new concept of exceptional musical elegance. 'Teardrops' is a teaser to the project's forthcoming album on Liquid Lounge and can't fail to get under your skin. Paul Schulte's production skills, great song writing and Fay Sephirah's unique voice are the ingredients for a refreshing new sound. 'Teardrops' is a beautiful electronic pop song, that fuses atmospheric soundscapes with dub influences and contemporary asian sounds. Besides the original version of the song this release offers the extended 'Album Mix' and an instrumental version as well as two wonderful bonus tracks: 'Purify Myself' (Instrumental) and 'Missing You', another great example of the crew's abilities to provide the fuel for great emotions. A stunning debut release by Zoomin' that will be followed soon by a groundbreaking full length album.

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1 Teardrops (Short Mix)
2 Teardrops (Album Mix)
3 Teardrops (Instrumental)
4 Purify Myself (Instrumental)
5 Missing You (Album Mix)

Written and produced by Paul Schulte and Fay Sephira


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