SONIC INFUSION - Reformatted

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What a perfect timing for another great artist album release by Planet Vision! This is what we have all waited for: Sonic Infusion, one of the most successful projects within the European dance scene (especially in England Š remember 'Reformatted') strikes back with a long-awaited longplayer. The creator behind the legendary Sonic Infusion outfit is no other than PV mastermind Pascal F.E.O.S. himself and when listening to the ten album tracks you can feel his inimitable and brilliant F.E.O.S. style in every single one of the tracks. Never boring, the album varies between straight and focussed tech house anthems and shows that the true master on the controls is able to mix great song qualities effortless with physical dancefloor needs. Take the beautiful 'Travel' as only one example out of many of the countless danceloor burners on 'Reformatted'. If one track isnÕt already enough to convince you, try 'Synthessis' (co-produced by Attilio Messina) or 'No Exit' Š both show with maximum sovereignty what real dancefloor fillers are made of today. With a dreamy tech jazz jam, produced together with saxophon player Michael Bermejo-Wenzel, and the tremendous General Midi remix of 'Reformatted', this great masterpiece finds a perfect ending, leaving no questions open. The almost inexhaustible density of outstanding hits that this exceptional album release offers in every moment will be much hard to find aside from Sonic Infusions 'Reformatted'. Pure genius!

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1 Computer Controlled
2 Radar Cosmique
3 Travel
4 Believe In Me
5 Reformatted
6 Synthesis
7 No Exit
8 Phatness
9 Saxism
10 Talkin About Music
11 Reformatted (General Midi Remix)


1 Believe In Me
2 Phatness
3 Synthesis
4 Saxism
5 Travel
6 Talkin About Music
7 Radar Cosmique
8 Computer Controlled

Written and produced by Pascal F.E.O.S.


SONIC INFUSION - Reformatted
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