PASCAL FEOS - Self Reflexion

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Pascal has devoted more than eightteen years of his life to electronic music and during that time, he has always stayed true to his roots. Today, these roots are still one of the most important points of reference in his musical universe. When talking about roots, one has to think of memories of the very first encounters with electronic dance music, of favourite records, of unforgotten moments on the dance floor. In the history of Pascals life, there is not much that has inspired him more than these experiences. While working on 'Self Reflexion', Pascal F.E.O.S. has made a musical journey back into the time of these experiences, he has re-animated his memories and he let the spirit of the first days of dance music pass before his inner eye. Yet, one should be careful with drawing fast conclusions from this fact. 'Self Reflexions' is nothing like backwards facing a retro album quite the opposite: what makes the fourteen tracks on this album extra-ordinairily special is the delicate liason of state-of-the-art-production quality and the historic component which is integrated very sensitively into the tracks. Living in Pascal's unique production style, which makes maximum use of what is technically possible today, there is an incredible amount of carefully chosen quotes from an ancient time that come to new life and new shine in his music. Again and again, vibes and moods from Chicago house and Detroit techno show up in between of his skillful compositions, just to disappear again and to make room for a new generation of dance music. Here you can feel a hint of 'Mr. Fingers' Larry Heard, there is a NuGroove-typical bassline or a slighty teasing reminiscence of Ron Trent. And only if you don't miss to pay exact attention to Pascals way of working with bass and bass lines, you are able to understand the true depth of his relationship with music. Listening to 'Self Reflexions', its almost possible to see Pascals shiny and dreamy eyes while he is thinking of the oldest heroes in dance music. This album definetely reflects a very personal love. The sum of what Pascal F.E.O.S. is offering with 'Self Reflexions', has already now to be considered as one of the most outstanding releases of the year and it is very clear that over the course of time, the full impact of this remarkable work is yet to be discovered. An alliance of star producer has worked with him on several tracks of the album, among them much respected names like Anthony Rother, Peter Haubfleisch (Fresh Moods), Attilio Messina or Gabriel Le Mar.

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1. A Split Second
2. Flashed Back
3. Self Reflexion
4. FEOS Jazz
5. Loosin America
6. Base Network
7. Stream Electric
8. Audiophonie
9. React Again (r. t. style)
10. xlr-8
11. Mindtouch
12. Mantronix
13. Heartbeat
14. Down To Earth

written and produced by Pascal FEOS

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