LIQUID LOUNGE - Chilled Senses

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"Welcome to Liquid Lounge! Meet the brand new compilation series and the label which are completely devoted to the exploration of the latest trends in chill out and listening. The concept of Liquid Lounge is much more than a collection of cool grooves it really is a state of mind. Let yourself go, relax, drop out of time and space. ""Liquid Lounge Chilled Senses 01"" is the promising kick-off of a genre-defying outlet for quality, style and innovation. It's a luxerious beach vacation for your cd player. In order to create that special kind of beach vibe, it takes a true beach sound expert on the mixing desk. Therefore, the first part of the ""Liquid Lounge"" series was mixed by the famous DJ Zappi, a resident DJ at Particular Beach/Cala Jondal, one of the most popular hot spots of the Eivissa island. Every day from early dawn till dusk, DJ Zappi takes care of relaxing party crowds with the best in listening and downbeat. His tasteful selection of outstanding tracks speaks for itself, it makes you dream and is full of seductive mediterranian vibes. Liquid Lounge is a 70 minutes long smooth flight on the highest level of chill out music, taking you through various genres like ambient, nu jazz, downtempo and even mellow drum'n'bass. The tracklisting is something like the who-is-who of the global listening scene: Bullitnuts, Marcel, Beanfield, Bang Bang, Sven Van Hees, Lemongrass, The Kaleidoscope and even the british master of chill out Mixmaster Morris and his Irresistible Force project are part of this incredibly well-chosen compilation. It's simply impressive which musical gems DJ Zappi brings to daylight out of the depth of his record case. This promising debut release will make chill out fans yearn for more and there is no doubt that many great releases will follow this first strike. We can only be anxious to see all the new talent which the Liquid Lounge label has to offer in the future as platform for young artists who wish to contribute new sensational music to the chill out scene worldwide. With the great concept of Liquid Lounge starting as a massive success, it comes as no surprise that the mastermind behind this new label and compilation series is no other than the most respected man in German chill out music, Alex Azary (Aural Float, Elektrolux, Space Night, Flowmotion)."

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1 Nor Elle - Moon b252
2 Marcel - Spring Rolls
3 Fairground People - Just Listen
4 The Irresistible Force - Nepalese Bliss (DJ Food Mix)
5 The Kaleidoscope - Skunkus McFunkus
6 Bullinuts - Heavy Air
7 Smokin The Fool - GI Blues (Kaleidoscope Alt Mix)
8 Bang Bang - Bye Bye Blues (Single Version)
9 Beanfield - Planetary Deadlock
10 Lemongrass - Form Of Life
11 Sven Van Hees - Ocean Jive
12 Planet E - Klub Cola (uptight on the rocks mix)

Compiled and mixed by DJ Zappi

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LIQUID LOUNGE - Chilled Senses